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2) Pauline Pfeiffer - Park on site #2

Pauline Pfeiffer Bio

Pauline Pfeiffer was the other woman in Hemingway's life, and quickly became his first and foremost as he separated and divorced Hadley. Before meeting Ernest Hemingway, Pfeiffer was a Journalist born in Parkersburg, Iowa (1895) and studied at University of Missouri School of Journalism. Pauline Pfeiffer moved from small newspapers to magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue. Her position with Vogue is what prompted her move to Paris, where she would meet Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley. Becoming fast friends, Pfeiffer joined the couple on one of their annual vacations and upon their return the couple was separated then divorced.

Hemingway converted to Catholicism for Pfeiffer's family and four months after the end of his first marriage the two wed in May of 1927. Pauline desired to move back to America and the two relocated to Key West in March of 1928. Pfeiffer had a difficult pregnancy with one of their two sons, which became Hemingway's origin for Catherine's death in A Farewell to Arms. In 1937, Hemingway traveled to Spain where he met his soon to be third wife, Martha Gellhorn. The two were caught up in an affair which led to Pfeiffer and Hemingway's divorce on November 4, 1940.

Pfeiffer lived her life in Key West until death on October 1, 1951. Her son, Gregory, became a doctor and examined her autopsy report devising a theory explaining her death. He concluded Pauline died from a tumor in her adrenal gland that was triggered by a call from Hemingway to release mass amounts of adrenaline. After the tumor finished secreting the hormone she died due to the shock from change in blood pressure.

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